The Do-Want List | Owlboy

Developer/Publisher: D-Pad Studio

Release Date: TBA

Being a game player who owns only one main console, there’s often these games that interest me but because the odds of it coming to what I have sitting under my TV are kind of slim they just pass on from my subconscious after a while. It’s the price you pay for being conscientious with your money and staying focused on what’s available to you rather than keeping up with the Joneses. That being said, I tend to hang my hopes on independent and smaller games, simply because they’re more likely to come to what I have as they tend to hone in on mechanics and artistic styling rather than sheer technical prowess. Even so, there are still those games that don’t come out on what I have regardless if it’s technically feasible to or not and much like the triple A titles just kind of come and go in my mind.

That’s what I assumed of Owlboy. Until now.

It feels like Owlboy has been a long time coming…mostly because it was. Developer D-Pad Studio had been working on it for almost a decade before it finally released just a few months ago to almost nothing but accolades and adoration. The lazy elevator pitch is that it’s a tried and true Metroidvania, but between it’s fascinating open world and your ability to fly protagonist Otus around it there’s definitely something that makes it stick out from the rest of the pack.

While most games of this ilk tend to be dark and dreary, Owlboy steps into the light with aplomb. The world Otus and his pals inhabit looks to be filled with a sense of wonderment that doesn’t often find itself in a lot of games. It just begs to be explored. There looks to be a focus on carrying things, including companions that turn the game into this sort of twin stick shooter as you journey through sky islands, magnificent dungeons and majestic treetop areas.

While I could probably get Owlboy on my PC, I have a hard time doing so because I see it more as a utility than something I can game on. It coming to the Switch is a blessing; it’s definitely the type of game I’ll sink my teeth into and will want to experience on both my TV and well, any other spare moment I can put the stupid thing in my hands. Hopefully this is coming sooner rather than later!


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