Now Playing | Kamiko

  • Developer: Skipmore/Kan-Kikuchi
  • Publisher: Flyhigh Works/Circle Entertainment
  • Release Date: April 27th, 2017
  • Playing on: Nintendo Switch

The Gist

When a system first drops launch software tends to be sparse, and when launch software tends to be sparse people tend to take notice of games they wouldn’t normally otherwise. Combine that mentality with the fact that Kamiko costs you less than a coffee at Starbucks and you’ve entered the realm of “sure, I’ll give that a shot.”

Even if these circumstances were flipped, sheer word of mouth has made this simple, top-down action game hard to ignore. With only an attack and a dash to learn, your goal is to activate four shrines within each stage to open a portal to a boss battle. At first blush it looks very Zelda-ish, but the tempo is more in line with an NES or arcade game where you can get in and out in an hour’s time. There’s definitely a place for a game like this in anybody’s library, and as a chaser to the colossal Breath of the Wild it makes for a good palette cleanser.

The Goal

While Kamiko does run on the short side, it’s got some replayability in the form of multiple heroines you can play. Each has a distinct attack that changes how you approach the game, although nothing about the level design or flow of its design change otherwise. Considering each play through falls below an hour, my goal is to finish the game as each shrine maiden.



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