Now Playing | Death Squared

  • Developed by: SMG Studio
  • Published by: SMG Studio
  • Release Date: July 13th, 2017
  • Played on: Nintendo Switch

The Gist

Every now and again, people will let me graciously write for them. On top of the list are the good folks at Nintendo Life, one of the preeminent sites for all things Mario and company. While there are plenty of pages devoted to videogames, from the aloof think-piece types to the consumer report-ish and everything in between, I like that Nintendo Life is a sincere community, more interested in sharing their adoration for the big N than serving up clickbait. But I digress.

I’m not aware of what I can and can’t say (perhaps I can’t even say I’m playing this!?) about Death Squared by SMG Studio, so I’ll keep my elevator pitch minimal for the sake of staying out of trouble.

Released earlier this year on other platforms, Death Squared is what I’d call an environmental puzzle game. You job is to guide two goofy robots (whom you get to customize!) to these little goals/teleporters without getting into each other’s way or inadvertently causing havoc with. It’s a more deliberate play, the type that fortunes the patient for tooling around with the world around them to discover how everything works.

I hope I didn’t say too much!

The Goal

I…probably can’t go into detail about what I hope to accomplish with Death Squared, actually. There are eighty levels in the games Story mode, forty more in the four-player Party mode and then a smattering of cut/extra stages for both Story and Party mode for good measure. All I’ll divulge is that I’ve gotten a substantial chunk of the game done already and that I won’t probably see every mode to its conclusion.

I hope that’s ambiguous enough!


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