A Peripatetic Journal About Video Games

I miss writing.

You’re probably thinking: “Well, then why don’t you just…do it, then!?”

Without going into detail, I’ll just politely tell you my life is the busiest it’s probably ever been. I don’t feel like I even have a chance to catch my breath, let alone sit at my computer and type out a few thousand words that may or may not only be important to me. It’s wholeheartedly a lazy excuse, and one that I’m ready to rectify, as is told by the fact that you’re reading this right now.

Video games are a passion of mine, so when I attempt to articulate that love across a few paragraphs…I tend to get carried away. I also consume (I’d say read, but consume seems a more apt term) a lot of games writing, which I think sways the way I’d like my writing to be.  As much as I’d like my posts to be these sweeping soliloquys about digital escapism, I think I’m better served journaling my exploits than attempting grandiose essays.

You can insert a tired epiphany that I don’t get paid to do this…here.

Beyond stating the obvious, I’ve come to realize that the strength of the blogging format is that you can write about things over a span of time, digging into the minutiae of what you’re doing rather than writing a tighter piece meant for a generalized audience. I’d rather write stories of my escapades, something more intimate. There’s more to games than arbitrary things most would touch on like graphical fidelity, prose or mechanics. It’s more interesting to expose how these experiences make you feel, for better and for worse, and expand upon that. It’s like using the internet for watercooler talk, only I’m blindly retelling my exploits in the hopes that someone’ll listen.

My hope is this’ll get me to write more often, assuming I find the time, and in smaller doses so I can really devote my exposition on things that I care about writing and, in turn, interest readers. Just because I’m not getting paid by the word doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like eyes on them! I’ve become more mindful of how I’ve been playing games and, once I’ve slowed down, it turns out to be a far more fulfilling experience. As I’ve only got one current gaming system and a couple of legacy ones, I’ve been able to force my way out of the cultural bubble that makes one think they have to pick up and dabble in games frequently and  instead stop and smell the proverbial roses. While I’m not afraid to call a lark what it is form time to time, for the most part my goal is to complete what I start for the sake of my sanity, for the developers who work tirelessly to make that which I enjoy and for the income of mine that is anything but disposable.

I often find myself thinking of things I could write about out of little kernels in my experiences but then trying to jot them down or remember them for a larger end piece, only to lose or discard it for the sake of being thorough. Screw that – if I find a bit about a game that intrigues me, I’m going to sit down and expound on it if it takes me 500 or 5,000 words. There will be time for more eloquent posts, but I can’t demand that kind of focus and energy all of the time. What that means is that for the time being this little blog of mine will be as my tagline states: a peripatetic journal about video games.



One comment on “A Peripatetic Journal About Video Games

  1. I do get what you’re saying. At times having a blog about gaming can turn into a must-play games and gicing a thorough review. And sometimes that can detract from the fun in playing the game. But when all is said and done, what you write here is uniquely you and your experiences with a game. And I think people love reading just that!

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