The Do-Want List | amiibo

Even though my interest in amiibo has somewhat lessened, I still think the concept is fantastic, the execution is top notch and it’s really the only Nintendo collectable I’m willing to shell money out on.

It’s not that I don’t get a little flutter each time a new one is announced, just that I’d rather invest my money in games than baubles and with prices seemingly going up they’re starting to leave the realm of impulse buy. But if anyone ever asks me what kind of little gift I want or I see one on clearance, I’m never one to say no.

That being said, here are the handful of newly announced amiibo at E3 that I’ll probably track down.







Out of all the amiibo I’m about to list, the Metroid is hands down my must have. I don’t typically pre-order things anymore, but I have such an affinity for the misappropriated villain that I’m glad Nintendo has decided to encapsulate it in plastic. Also: it’s squishy! Samus Aran’s along for the ride as this comes in a two pack, but I really like the iconic Metroid II pose and globular shoulder pads so I’m not bummed at having to buy two amiibo.






While we’re on the lowly lackey tip, I’m also really excited for the fact that Bowser’s diminutive cronies, the Goomba and the Koopa Troopa, are also getting their own amiibo. While the Mario brothers are always in the limelight, the Mushroom Kingdom just wouldn’t feel the same without these little guys.






Lastly, we have a couple of amiibo that will fit nicely with my already burgeoning collection of Zelda and Splatoon collection! While I kind of want all the Guardians from Breath of the Wild, I like Daruk the best. Actually, I like Gorons in general, but I’ll take the greatest of them all! The new purple squid from Splatoon 2 is a hot take on the newly iconic character, which is in a really cool pose this go around. With it being sold singly in the U.S., I don’t necessarily have to get the new Inkling Girl and Boy (although they look dope, too.)

Whether I end up getting all or none of these little buggers, I’m quite fond of them. I like that Nintendo is curating its own collectable scene and, whether they go the way of the Beanie Baby or Guitar Hero gear, I’ll be keeping my eye out for a good deal no matter where I go.